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The following titles were published by Thorne Local History Society over a period of years.
Most became out of print so they are being revised / reprinted.
Those current availability, are shown with a ' ' click the link to goto the page.

   1. Wrigleys Thorne Almanacs, MH
   2. Thornes Water Supply, Laurie Thorp.
   3. A Thorne Farm Fire 1676. Laurie Thorp. 1990
   4. Looking Back. Frances Thorley.    Download .pdf file
   5. Drainage of Thorne Waste. Martin Limbert. 1990.    Download .pdf file
   6. Brookes Charity School. Laurie Thorp. 1990.    Download .pdf file
   7. Thorne Householders 1784.
   8. Keelgirl and Captains Mate. Evelyn Holt.    Download .pdf file
   9. Thornes First Railway. John B Platt. 1991.    Download .pdf file
 10. Travis Charity School. John B Platt. 1991.    Download .pdf file
 11. Thorne Town Hall.
 12. Cassons Rhododendron Catalogue 1872. 1993.    Download .pdf file
 13. Thorne Landowners and Tenants 1741.
 14. Thorne Great Bridge. Laurie Thorp. 1993.    Download .pdf file
 15. Keel-a-Hoy. Herbert Rhodes 1993.    Download .pdf file
 16. Thorne Music and Musicians. P L Scowcroft.    Download .pdf file
 17. The Darley Family and Thorne Brewery. Malcolm Hobson. 1994    Download .pdf file
 18. The Legends of Thorne. Frank Dallas.    Download .pdf file
 19. Packet Boats from Thorne. P L Scowcroft. 1995.    Download .pdf file
 20. Waterside – History and Heritage. Laurie Thorp. 1996.    Download .pdf file
 21. Stagecoaches and Carriers in Thorne. P L Scowcroft. 1996.    Download .pdf file
 22. Biting Midges and Botanic Lions. Martin Limbert. 1966.    Download .pdf file
 23. William Casson, Martin Limbert.    Download .pdf file
 24. Two Humber Keels, J S Taylor. 1997.
 25. The Steers Family of Thorne. Cynthia Finch. 1997.    Download .pdf file
 26. Two Essays on Old Thorne. J S Taylor. 1997.    Download .pdf file
 27. Thorne in 1869.
 29. Two Thorne Grammar School magazines 1921 and 27. 1997.
 30. Transportation and Thorne. A Brief History, Philip L. Scowcroft. 2009    Download .pdf file

Printed booklets can be purchased from Thorne Local History Society at their monthly meetings for £1.50.

You are welcome to download anything for personal use (ie not for commercial purposes)
but the source / author must be acknowledged.

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